Old Chapterhouse

Behind the cathedral, behind the bishop’s court, this monument constitutes an imposing parallelogram flanked with turrets with conical roofs at the corners.


Old Chapterhouse - Meaux

Gifted with beautiful cross-ribbed vaults in the basement and in the ground floor, a noble hall in the first floor and a vast attic under the framework ; it is the monumental outdoor staircase, built in the 13th century that most notably seduced, among famous figures, Victor Hugo, during his visit in Meaux (V. Hugo, Le voyage du Rhin).

According to historians, the Old Chapterhouse was both the headquarters of the cathedral’s canons chapter and a tithe barn, wine and firewood was almost certainly stocked here.

The wooden covered bridge is a construction dating back from the 1930’s. It facilitates the movement between the cathedral and the sacristy.

Today, the Old Chapterhouse is used as a sacristy.

For information: The Old Chapterhouse is a monument to observe from the outside! There is no possibility to visit it.