Tours for School Groups

The tours proposed by the Heritage – Art and History Department of the Meaux Region have historical periods, monuments, and neighborhoods of the city as thematics. These visits are ensured by tour guides registered by the Ministry of Culture.

Visites groupes scolaires

These animations appeal to the observatory sense of the student. The objective is to learn to understand the monument as a whole, in its details and its cohesion with its natural or human environment.

They also draw on the knowledge acquired by the student through their scholarship. Knowledge that will expand with the direct visual contact with the monuments or sites that are studied.

  • Saint-Etienne Cathedral of Meaux:

Whether it is gothic or sacred, the architecture of the Saint-Etienne cathedral is at the center of this guided tour. Stained-glass windows and cross-ribbed vaults will be studied, so that the pupils can learn about the function and history of this monument.

Duration: 1h

  • Episcopal city:

The bishops and the chapter play an important role in the evolution of the episcopal city. The history of the monuments, their architecture, and some of the Bossuet museum’s works will be treated during the visit. The tour includes several elements: cathedral, old chapterhouse, bishops’ palace, garden and ramparts.

Duration: 1h00 to 1h30

  • Meaux during the Middle-Ages:

This guided tour presents the city of Meaux as it was during the Middle-Ages. The tour will tackle the lay and religious powers, the everyday life, and the activities of the medieval town. This inner-city visit is also a mean to understand the shape of the streets and the setting-up of the different quarters.

Duration: 1h30

  • Discovery of the Bossuet museum:

This discovery-tour of the Bossuet museum’s collections allows to discover the works of this fine art museum. Several thematics can be selected before the visit: landscape, portrait, mythology, religion, costumes, etc…

Duration: 1h00 to 1h30

  • Meaux  during the ancient and gallo-roman period:

This tour starts with the presentation of commented diaporama about the city of Meaux during the Gallo-roman era, followed by a visit of the archeological collections of the Bossuet museum.

Duration: 1h00 to 1h30

  • Battlefields of the Marne:

This tour presents the major sites of the famous battle that stopped the German progression towards Paris in September 1914. Monuments, military cemeteries, memorials around Meaux, will be part of this guided tour.

Duration: 2h00 to 2h30 (bus tour)

  • Meaux and water:

Water, the city’s essential element, is at its origin. This guided tour is an initiation to Meaux’s geography, and an introduction to the history of the Marne river and its canals.

Duration: 2h00 to 2h30

  • Meaux during the 19th century:

This visit of the city center allows you to discover the major buildings of the 19th century and to understand the urban expansion experienced by Meaux at this time.

Duration: 1h30

  • Meaux today:

During this city tour, the tour guide will tackle the architectural elements coming from the 20th century. This bus tour explains the urban settlement and the town planning linked to the modern neighborhoods of the city.

Duration: 2h00 à 2h30 (bus tour)

  • Market quarter:

During this tour, the tour guide will deal with the history and architecture of this neighborhood, from the old medieval fortifications to the Charles Beauchart cultural center.

Duration: 1h

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