Pedagogical Workshops

Sessions of practical activities dealing with the city’s history and heritage are organized by the Heritage Department.

These animations, adapted to the participating pupils’ level, provide knowledge in history, geography, architecture, within an atmosphere of exploration with no constraints.

Ateliers du patrimoine


  • Workshop “Coat of Arms”:

During the coat of arms workshop, children will create their own personalized coat of arms, learning to comply with the rules of heraldry established in the Middle-Ages.

  • Workshop “Stained-glass”:

The stained-glass workshop allows each kid to realize a stained-glass on a pre-printed transparent material, while using a limited number of colors. They will identify the represented scene that always takes inspiration from the cathedral of Meaux.

  • Workshop “Dropped capital”:

The dropped capital activity teaches children, in the spirit of illuminations that adorn ancient manuscripts, how to realize an historiated gothic dropped initial, fruit of their imagination.

  • Construction of a medieval town:

Thanks to multiple accessories, children will have to elaborate a model of the city as it was in the Middle-Ages: traffic routes, waterways, housing, vegetation, remarkable sites, etc.

  • Workshop “The art of advertising”:

After studying advertising from the 19th century to today, the students create their own poster taking inspiration from a work of the Bossuet museum. The workshop aims at understanding why art is used in advertising and how art is a part of common culture.

  • Workshop “Mask”:

After a visit of the Bossuet museum under the axis of portraits, pupils have to realize a mask that represents a facial expression. The shapes, curves, and colors used will make the sentiments or emotions chosen by its creator appear, like emotes.


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