Offer of the Great War museum

Would you like to visit the museum of the Great War with your students?

The mediators of the Great War museum offer teachers wishing to organize a field trip or school visit in Meaux some guided tours and educational workshops to tackle the First World War with their students. It is also possible to organize free visits (without lecturer guides) of the Great War museum.


Visite scolaire du musée de la Grande Guerre

Guided school tours and educational workshops are adapted to the different school levels :


  • Guided tours for schoolchildren :

General guided tour of the museum to talk about the first global conflict as a whole.
Thematic guided tour, focused on a particular aspect of the conflict.
Duration: ½ day

  • Guided tour + educational workshop :

Combination of a guided tour of the Great War museum and a workshop related to the visit. The workshop takes place in the museum in one of the educational rooms.
Duration: 1 day

  • Guided tour + circuit of the battlefields of la Marne :

Combination of a guided tour of the museum of the Great War and a bus tour in the different places of memory of Pays de Meaux. Many sites still bear witness to the confrontations of the first battle of the Marne.
Transportation (a bus equipped with a microphone) remains the responsibility of the institution.
Duration: 1 day

  • Free visit with the teacher :

You can also visit the Great War Museum without a lecturer guide.


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