La Toile du Chef

Beautiful cuisine and great flavors mix according to the seasons in this restaurant located in the heart of Meaux, in the commercial quater of the Faubourg Saint Nicolas.


23 rue du Faubourg Saint Nicolas
77100 Meaux

01 64 33 92 36

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La Toile du Chef - Meaux

This young chef with the experience of great tables presents its delicate "street cuisine," around a selection of fresh produce of the region. He proposes a menu with affordable prices for a quality cuisine.

Everything here breathes of harmony, the culinary art is a passion, attentive team, food with subtle notes, wines, many elements contributing to an extraordinary sensation of well-being and relaxation for your visit.

The chef, accompanied by a loyal, passionate, and qualified team loves a challenge and creating new recipes. A particularly attentive service will accompany you in the pleasure of tasting and discovering.