Assaisonnements Briard – French Mustards and Vinegars

Land of Mustard and Vinegar for a number of centuries, Meaux still carries on the tradition of an inimitable know-how.


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77100 Nanteuil-lès-Meaux

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Assaisonnements Briard – French Mustards and Vinegars - Nanteuil-lès-Meaux

Factories have been listed since the 18th century and among them, J.B. Pommery’s one was the most prominent.
In 1760 a dignitary of the chapter of Meaux passed onto MJB Pommery the secret of the original mustard, which, since 1632 enjoyed the much envied privilege of appearing officially at the royal table.
Meaux mustard consists of a seasoning with the seed of "Sinapis nigra" ground with water, vinegar and herbs. Also included in its composition, are wild mustard seed and mustard husk and spices, about which the holder of the recipe has refused giving us even the slightest detail...
Discover the different varieties: Meaux Cognac mustard, honey, green pepper, gingerbread and so on….