Historical center of Meaux

The historical center of Meaux still bears a morphology inherited past. From the old town to the market neighborhood, the monuments and small architectural inheritances remind us of the rich historical of what was once the capital of the Brie region.

Historical center of Meaux - Meaux

On the right side of the Marne, the streets and back alleys of the old town create a dense urban fabric inherited from the Middle Ages. It is constructed around the City Hall place, built on the site of the previous Counts of Champagne’s castle, and around the emblematic Saint-Etienne cathedral, visible from miles away.
In the pedestrian streets maze, sheltered by the impressive Gallo-Roman walls, be amazed by the majestic doors of the numerous mansion houses which testify to the city’s rich history throughout ages. Discover the marks of the episcopal quarter surrounding the Bossuet garden, nearby the cathedral.
On the left side of the river, in the market neighborhood, urbanism revolves around the large market hall, built in the late 1870s to replace the previous, outdated halls. This quarter has for a long time been a source of envy due to its strategic place on the Marne, giving it the keys to Paris’ supply in wheat and wood.

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