Patis Natural Park

The biggest urban natural park in Ile-de-France.

Patis Natural Park - Meaux

If you need some fresh air in a natural environment, if want to engage in sport activites, or take a walk with your family, the Patis natural park is a green belt within the urban fabric.
It offers an incredible gallery of landscapes and areas all equally astounding for their diversity and beauty: ponds, banks of the Marne, blooming meadows, large reed beds, wooden areas… So much richness to discover through your strolls.
The Patis Natural Park is home to a rich and precious fauna and flora, that you will be able to witness while wandering on a path or a footbridge.
Over 70 species of birds are listed. Among them, some hosts are renowned, such as the Eurasian golden oriole with its fluting birdsong, or the Hoophoe and the magnificent Kingfisher, blue arrow flying over fishbearing water bodies.
Vegetation also has its hidden treasures, with rare plants such as the holly-leaved naiad in wetlands, the hemp agrimony, and the purple lythrum with their multiple flowerings; or even some grassland orchideas such as the bee orchid.