Train station – Great War museum trail

In September 1914, at the gates of Paris, in Meaux, the course of the First World War changes dramatically. Through a pedestrian trail of 5 to 8 kilometers between Meaux’s train station and the Great War museum, the Meaux Region Tourist Offices invites you to discover the city’s major sites linked to this historical week that changed the face of WWI.

Circuit Gare - Musée de la Grande Guerre

From the 5th to the 11th of September 1914, the counter-offensive led by the 6th French Army, from Paris, encounters the 1st German Army of General Alexander Von Kluck. During this historical week, violent battles shake the Meaux region and cause the German troops to stop.

Along your discovery trail, come upon Meaux’s sites and figures that left their mark on the history of the First World Word and most precisely of the Battle of the Marne.

Discover the unfailing link between the city of Meaux and the US, or the personality of Monseigneur Marbeau, the city’s bishop, who took charge of the town at the height of the battle. You will also learn that Paul Fort, the man who invented the tank, was born during the conflict and developed his first prototypes in Meaux

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Main trail steps list:

  1. Meaux’s train station and the military ambulance
  2. place La Fayette – La Fayette and the Americans
  3. The city hall and the war crosses of 1921
  4. The Franco-British commemorative plaques of Meaux’s cathedral
  5. The war memorial – place Doumer
  6. The former British headquarters
  7. Jeanne D’Arc School
  8. place Henri IV and the face of Monseigneur Marbeau
  9. Rue de la Paix
  10. The military squares of Meaux’s cemetery
  11. The Great War museum
  12. The American monument


Complementary trail steps list:

  1. Henri Moissan High School – Former major seminary
  2. Old market bridge
  3. Meaux’s conservatory – Paul Frot and the invention of the tank
  4. The former major seminary – An hospital of the great war