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Book your tickets for the largest European museum about World War I now. The Great War Museum of the Meaux Region gathers more than 65 000 objects and documents from the conflict, which will help you understand the international and societal dimension of the conflict.

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Inaugurated in November 2011, the Great War Museum comes as a natural extension in this territory that witnessed 14-18. Its aim is to pass on the memory of the war to future generations. Rich with more than 70 000 objects and documents, the collection tackles the international dimension of the conflict through a technical and military point of view as well as through the human and societal point of view. The object is presented as an History indicator, telling through a personal story the fate of men who went through these hardships.

Pedagogical and innovative, the scenography approaches the conflict with an original trail. From the reconstruction of trenches, to the planes and tanks gathered in the large central room, passing by the projections and interactive terminals, the Great War Museum of the Meaux Region uses the most modern museographical techniques in order to raise awareness while still being accessible for all. Discover the full uniforms, representing most of the participating countries, weaponry and artillery pieces, large equipment, and objects from the everyday life on the front and behind, as well as a very rich documentary and graphic art collection.

An essential experience to dive into History… and come back transformed.