The signage tour of the Meaux region

Are you looking for a family outing in Seine-et-Marne? We propose you discover the Meaux region by yourself with the signage tour. 83 totems are installed near the different monuments and points of interest. The Meaux region, located less than an hour from Paris, possesses a rich historical and architectural heritage!

Visite de Meaux et de son patrimoine

The signage tour of the Meaux region combines initiation, discovery, and amusement. Indeed, you will discover the city of Meaux, classified town of art and history, which has a rich heritage and history. A handbook available at the Meaux Region Tourist Office will unveil the locations of the 47 totems placed within the city of Meaux. This plan will help you find your way during your stroll and identify the sites that might interest you. Effectively, it is a free tour with no predetermined path. You decide which way to go! Walk around at your own pace in the old town and its streets, in the market quarter or in newer neighborhoods.

Visitez de Meaux en suivant la parcours signalétique

You will also be able to wander in the other towns of the Meaux region thanks to the 36 totems placed in the area. During your walk, you will have access to precise and instructive information on the history of one monument, site, or event. Each totem has a note or questions specifically addressed to kids. An interesting and stunning family outing less than an hour from Paris!

Download the heritage tour handbook:

Parcours patrimoine Meaux