Réserve naturelle régionale du Grand-Voyeux

In this winding part of the Marne, located in Congis-sur-Thérouanne, where a sand and gravel pit once existed, nature has reclaimed its rights. The field extends over an area of 160 hectares.


Chemin de l'épine blanche
77440 Congis-sur-Thérouanne

01 83 65 39 00

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Réserve naturelle régionale du Grand-Voyeux - Congis-sur-Thérouanne

Bodies of water, ponds, and groves of poplar trees or sticky elm trees constitute today a haven of peace for numerous species of insects, reptiles, small mammals and especially rare birds. The “AVEN of Grand Voyeux” ensures the scientific monitoring of this area, which became a Natural Regional Reserve in November 2012.
The Association for Natural Areas Valuation of Grand Voyeux is responsible for the animation and the scientific monitoring of the site. Outings are organized regularly and communicated on the website.