The elevatory factory of Trilbardou

The elevatory factory of Trilbardou is a pumping station built under Napoleon III. Its role is to complete the water supplies of the Ourcq canal with water from the Marne river.

The elevatory factory of Trilbardou - Trilbardou

It notably offers an impressive testimony of the hydropower technological innovations of the XIXth Century.
The original pumping machine, first implemented in 1869, was created by the hydraulic engineer Alphonse Sagebien. The plant is composed of a monumental water-wheel of 11 m diameter and 6 m large functioning under a 1,20m waterfall, and operating four volumetric pumps that can push back 27000m3 of water everyday. If, in Trilbardou today’s pumping is performed with newer installations, the Sagebien machine is classified as Historical Monument.