Tamatave 2 - (F2) Hypercentre Meaux near Disney

Ideal for a romantic holiday with family, or for work. You are in the hyper center of Meaux and in perfect freedom!


23 rue du Tan (1er étage - porte gauche)
77100 Meaux

+33 1 (0)6 09 04 82 13

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Tamatave 2 - (F2) Hypercentre Meaux near Disney - Meaux

At the gates of Paris, close to Disney and in the heart of the historic center of Meaux, this apartment is welcomes you with all the necessary equipment to be peaceful at home with the wifi at the maximum speed (fiber).

A little extra: the parking "downtown" (2 steps from the apartment) is offered!

Tip: The restaurant "L'Étoile d'Agadir" (in the street), offers tea and pastries if you indicate that you are the hosts of the moment ;-)