Meaux’s Eclats d’Arts Festival

Meaux’s Eclats d’Arts Festival is the celebration of all artistic forms.

Festival Eclats d'Arts - concert

For a month, the voice is given to Meaux’s artists! The public can, depending on one’s tastes, attend different animations proposed on this occasion. In May, come in Meaux, less than an hour from Paris, to fill up on culture and art.

In all the neighborhoods of the city of Meaux, several spaces are dedicated to artistic practices of all forms. Local creators mix with confirmed artists during this festival. This is this event’s particularity: there is something for all publics, and for all artists.

For a month, you will have the opportunity, in Meaux, during the Eclats d’Arts festival, to admire paintings and photo exhibitions, to attend dance shows, concerts of diverse music genres, or even see all kind of movie projections.

In Meaux, the month of May has definitely become, the month of artistic practices. This festival, organized throughout the whole month for several years has become a real institution of the city of Meaux. Whether you are a Meaux resident or simply coming by in our city, during the week and for a week-end, don’t hesitate to ask for the Festival Eclats d’Arts program at the Tourist Office. You will undoubtedly find an exhibition, a demonstration, or a representation that will please your tastes!