Historical Show


“Brie, land of our ancestors ; at times joyful under the wheat, swaying to the rhythm of the breeze, at times filled with the blood and tears of Man. A thousand years of turmoil, wars and revolutions… A thousand years of life, constructions, resistance and impetus... From barbarian invasions to nowadays, here is the history of Meaux, our history…”


Spectacle historique de Meaux

Since 1982, Meaux presents a large scale Historical Show, in the prestigious setting of the episcopal city. This sound and lights gathers the energy, talent and passion of more than 500 volunteers, who, each year, revive the history of the city of Meaux.

At the foot of the cathedral of Meaux, in a sumptuous and well-conversed architectural ensemble, the history of Meaux is replayed during summer nights in a relaxed atmosphere. At night and outdoors, the volunteers of Meaux’s Historical show make you relive the great events but also the tragedies which made the history of their town.

Regularly rewritten and recreated, Meaux’s Historical show continues to seduce children and grown-ups. It tells everyone about the history of the town, mixing emotion, special effects, dance, poetry, humor, and music. The distinguished episcopal city, incredible setting of this spectacle, is constructed and deconstructed to the rhythm of lights and special effects.

This year, come see the second season of “Heroïques!,” a show sponsored by Stephane Bern. 3500 costumes, 300 lights effects, 500 volunteers, 900 projectors for 1000 years of History!

Meaux’s Historical show will carry you out of time, in a world where imagination is fed by the magic of the places, the beauty of music, and the richness of History. under the eyes of Bossuet (the Eagle of Meaux), Napoleon, Victor Hugo, and Charles Peguy ; come share a moment of intense emotion with us.


Meaux’s Historical Show

Nights from June to September
Episcopal city of Meaux
77100 Meaux