Marne river

The Meaux region is crossed by the Marne and the Ourcq canal. These two waterways offer beautiful landscapes with an abundance fauna and lush flora. Come enjoy the calm during a stroll or a guided tour.

Marne river - Meaux

The Marne, which is the principal tributary of the Seine, crosses ten cities from the urban community of Meaux. In Meaux, the river has progressively changed during Middle Ages. It has now formed a loop, giving the city a bucolic feel. Nothing feels more relaxing than having some rest on the riverside…
Do you like fishing, hiking, or biking? You will appreciate the calm and serenity of rural and wooded places along the Marne.
Discover water hens, tree frogs, zanders, swans, coypus, and wagtails ; hidden treasures of our aquatic fauna.
The Marne river offers walks, fishing, nautical leisure, and a beach to entertain and expend yourself.