Marin d'eau douce

Marin d’Eau Douce anchored in Meaux to make you discover the riverbanks of the Marne in their licence free electric boats, offering you a unique, fun and original experience. A guaranteed greening and change of scene!


Plage de Meaux 2 Chemin de la Marine
77100 Meaux

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Marin d'eau douce - Meaux

Backed by its history, Meaux is inscribed in the French heritage thanks to its numerous monuments that you will be able to visit during your excursion near Paris. Located 30 minutes from Paris, the city is home to many historical, natural, and cultural treasures to discover. The Patis Natural Park is the departure and arrival point of our nautical strolls on the Marne river, aboard our electric license-free boats.
While crossing it during our bucolic breaks, you will observe diverse landscapes full of natural riches. It is the perfect place for a picnic with your children, for a relaxing day with your family, or to get a drink with you friends.
There you will find a rich fauna and flora and really different from the one you see along Paris’ riverbanks. The 70 species of birds registered will amaze you kids and please photography enthusiasts. Nevertheless, the park also possesses colorful vegetables that will astound you during your boat trip: an incredible experience so close to Paris!